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Psalm 118:22 meaning...

In this verse, the psalmist uses vivid imagery to convey a powerful truth about God's redemptive plan. The metaphor of a rejected stone that becomes the cornerstone carries deep theological significance, pointing to the rejection and exaltation of Jesus Christ, the ultimate fulfillment of this prophecy.

To understand the full impact of Psalm 118:22, we must consider its context within the larger narrative of Psalm 118. The psalm begins with a declaration of praise and thanksgiving to God for His steadfast love and faithfulness (Psalm 118:1-4). It recounts the psalmist's personal experience of deliverance from distress, celebrating God's salvation and victory (Psalm 118:5-21). And then, in verse 22, the psalmist shifts to a prophetic declaration about the ultimate vindication of the righteous.

This verse is quoted multiple times in the New Testament, particularly in reference to Jesus Christ. In the Gospels, Jesus applies this verse to Himself, emphasizing His own rejection by the religious leaders of His day and His subsequent exaltation by God (Matthew 21:42; Mark 12:10-11; Luke 20:17). The apostles also cite this verse in their teachings, highlighting Jesus as the cornerstone of the church and the fulfillment of God's redemptive plan (Acts 4:11; Ephesians 2:20; 1 Peter 2:7).

One cross-reference that sheds light on the significance of Psalm 118:22 is found in Isaiah 28:16, where the prophet Isaiah speaks of the cornerstone laid in Zion, which God Himself has chosen and declared to be a sure foundation. This passage anticipates the coming of the Messiah, who would serve as the cornerstone of God's spiritual house, the church.

Another cross-reference that enhances our understanding of Psalm 118:22 is found in Ephesians 2:19-22, where the apostle Paul describes believers as being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit, with Jesus Christ Himself being the cornerstone. This passage emphasizes the unity of believers in Christ and their identity as God's chosen people, redeemed and reconciled through the sacrifice of Jesus.

As we reflect on Psalm 118:22, we are reminded of the central role that Jesus Christ plays in God's plan of salvation. Despite being rejected by the religious authorities and crucified by the world, Jesus rose from the dead and was exalted to the highest place of honor and authority (Philippians 2:9-11). He is the cornerstone upon which God builds His church, the foundation of our faith and the source of our salvation.

Moreover, Psalm 118:22 challenges us to recognize Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of our lives and to build our lives upon the solid foundation of His teachings and example. Just as the cornerstone provides stability and strength to a building, so too does Jesus provide stability and strength to our lives, enabling us to withstand the storms of life and remain steadfast in our faith.

In conclusion, Psalm 118:22 is a powerful prophetic declaration of Jesus Christ as the rejected stone who became the cornerstone of God's redemptive plan. It underscores the sovereignty of God in using the rejected and despised to accomplish His purposes and highlights the exaltation of Jesus Christ as the ultimate fulfillment of prophecy. As we meditate on this verse, may we be reminded of the profound love and grace of God manifested in Jesus Christ, our cornerstone and Savior.

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Psalm 118:22. The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner.


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