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An Ethical Bible-search Chatbot

Press Release
Posted 04 December 2018
Sydney, NSW, Australia

An Ethical Bible search – in a Chatbot

TalkToTheWord™ has designed a Bot that responds to natural language, even slang, with the Word of God – but not just any Scriptures. The app has over 8,500 passages from the Bible, or 43%, (93% of the New Testament).  An ethical Bible?! – tautology to believers or an oxymoron to unbelievers – there is no denying that many important social-scaffolds are ideas dating from about 1,500 BC.  “Don’t kill,” is an oldie but a goody. “Love your neighbour as yourself,” is pretty useful around the lunchroom water chiller. And some others, like tolerance for foreigners: “He made from one blood every nation to dwell on all the surface of the earth.” (Acts 17:26), seem quite relevant for todays’ media storms.

But, “Why only 43%?” you ask.  Well there are plenty of other ideas in the Bible that modern society has moved away from. Slavery and polygamy were not condemned at the time of writing it but thankfully the idea of, 'Loving others as yourself,' helped show us we could do better than the Bronze Age morals on labor-hire and marriage.  Not that any passages are excluded – the Bible is available in its totality on the app – it’s just that the Bot will search for ethical and encouraging verses in preference to the bits most people skip over anyway.

TalkToTheWord™ Developer, Robert Miller, says, 
Sending the link to your Christian family is the perfect Christmas present: It encourages them to walk along the path that Jesus trod when he said, 'I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me drink. I was a stranger, and you took me in...'  The Bot and website both encourage philanthropy – after all, the birth of Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving, right?

Practicing what it preaches, the website does not have a Donate button - preferring people to give to charities that help the world’s needy.

TalkToTheWord™ is available on:

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Google Assistant by entering, "OK Google, Talk to The Word PIB." 

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App Design & Values

TalkToTheWord™ started in May 2018 and has just launched a hybrid chatbot / search tool. Dialogflow’s Natural Language Understanding and Google’s Machine Learning are used to interpret key words from user input sentences. These are then matched with groups of related synonyms and return a randomly selected succinct Scripture phrase from a bank of 10-30 with relevant content. If no match is found, the Bot will either select a generic response or do a Google-like sentence search of the entire Bible. Users wishing to view the wider context of a phrase can do a chapter search.  TalkToTheWord™ is not an exact word search, it is a context search: both the context of the user input and the context of the phrased responses. And those phrases are parsed in their local context rather than by single-sentence verse numbers. Together these comprise the Parsed Interactive Bible PIB.

The main difference from other Bible search tools is that the returned phrases have been curated for ethical content which encourage modern standards of individual, social and environmental responsibility. 

Contact Details

Robert Miller
Bot Developer 
Please use contact form in side bar. 
Emails and requests to phone will be responded to within 24 hrs.