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PIB Psalms 1-30

Psalms 1-30 
PIB reduced verse number chapters are derived from the World English Bible
The verse numbers that have been retained are either at the beginning of paragraphs or every 5 - 10 verses depending on the amount of text.  The paragraph numbers below are designed to aid locating verses while encourage reading these in a wider context.
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Psalm 1

Psalm 1 BOOK I [1.] Blessed is the man who doesn’t walk in the counsel of the wicked,
    nor stand on the path of sinners,
    nor sit in the seat of scoffers;
but his delight is in Yahweh’s[a] law.
    On his law he meditates day and night.
He will be like a tree planted by the streams of water,
    that produces its fruit in its season,
    whose leaf also does not wither.
    Whatever he does shall prosper.
The wicked are not so,
    but are like the chaff which the wind drives away.

Psalm 1 [5.] Therefore the wicked shall not stand in the judgment,
    nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.
For Yahweh knows the way of the righteous,
    but the way of the wicked shall perish.


a. Psalm 1:2 “Yahweh” is God’s proper Name, sometimes rendered “LORD” (all caps) in other translations.

Psalm 2

Psalm 2 [1.] Why do the nations rage,
    and the peoples plot a vain thing?
The kings of the earth take a stand,
    and the rulers take counsel together,
    against Yahweh, and against his Anointed,[a] saying,
“Let’s break their bonds apart,
    and cast their cords from us.”
He who sits in the heavens will laugh.
    The Lord[b] will have them in derision.
Then he will speak to them in his anger,
    and terrify them in his wrath:
“Yet I have set my King on my holy hill of Zion.”
    I will tell of the decree.
Yahweh said to me, “You are my son.
    Today I have become your father.
Ask of me, and I will give the nations for your inheritance,
    the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession.
You shall break them with a rod of iron.
    You shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

Psalm 2 [10.] Now therefore be wise, you kings.
    Be instructed, you judges of the earth.
Serve Yahweh with fear,
    and rejoice with trembling.
Give sincere homage to the Son,[c] lest he be angry, and you perish on the way,
    for his wrath will soon be kindled.


a. Psalm 2:2 The word “Anointed” is the same as the word for “Messiah” or “Christ.”
b. Psalm 2:4 The word translated “Lord” is “Adonai.”
c. Psalm 2:12 or, Kiss the son.

A Psalm by David, when he fled from Absalom his son.

Psalm 3

Psalm 3 [1.] Yahweh, how my adversaries have increased!
    Many are those who rise up against me.
Many there are who say of my soul,
    “There is no help for him in God.”[a]
But you, Yahweh, are a shield around me,
    my glory, and the one who lifts up my head.
I cry to Yahweh with my voice,
    and he answers me out of his holy hill.

Psalm 3 [5.] I laid myself down and slept.
    I awakened; for Yahweh sustains me.
I will not be afraid of tens of thousands of people
    who have set themselves against me on every side.
Arise, Yahweh!
    Save me, my God!
For you have struck all of my enemies on the cheek bone.
    You have broken the teeth of the wicked.
Salvation belongs to Yahweh.
    Your blessing be on your people.


a. Psalm 3:2 The Hebrew word rendered “God” is “אֱלֹהִ֑ים” (Elohim).

For the Chief Musician; on stringed instruments. A Psalm by David.

Psalm 4

Psalm 4 [1.] Answer me when I call, God of my righteousness.
    Give me relief from my distress.
    Have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.
You sons of men, how long shall my glory be turned into dishonor?
    Will you love vanity, and seek after falsehood?
But know that Yahweh has set apart for himself him who is godly:
    Yahweh will hear when I call to him.
Stand in awe, and don’t sin.
    Search your own heart on your bed, and be still.

Psalm 4 [5.] Offer the sacrifices of righteousness.
    Put your trust in Yahweh.
Many say, “Who will show us any good?”
    Yahweh, let the light of your face shine on us.
You have put gladness in my heart,
    more than when their grain and their new wine are increased.
In peace I will both lay myself down and sleep,
    for you, Yahweh alone, make me live in safety. 

For the Chief Musician, with the flutes. A Psalm by David.

Psalm 5

Psalm 5 [1.] Give ear to my words, Yahweh.
    Consider my meditation.
Listen to the voice of my cry, my King and my God;
    for to you do I pray.
Yahweh, in the morning you shall hear my voice.
    In the morning I will lay my requests before you, and will watch expectantly.
For you are not a God who has pleasure in wickedness.
    Evil can’t live with you.
The arrogant shall not stand in your sight.
    You hate all workers of iniquity.
You will destroy those who speak lies.
    Yahweh abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man.
But as for me, in the abundance of your loving kindness I will come into your house.
    I will bow toward your holy temple in reverence of you.
Lead me, Yahweh, in your righteousness because of my enemies.
    Make your way straight before my face.
For there is no faithfulness in their mouth.
    Their heart is destruction.
    Their throat is an open tomb.
    They flatter with their tongue.

Psalm 5 [10.] Hold them guilty, God.
    Let them fall by their own counsels;
Thrust them out in the multitude of their transgressions,
    for they have rebelled against you.
But let all those who take refuge in you rejoice,
    Let them always shout for joy, because you defend them.
Let them also who love your name be joyful in you.
    For you will bless the righteous.
Yahweh, you will surround him with favor as with a shield.

For the Chief Musician; on stringed instruments, upon the eight-stringed lyre. A Psalm by David.

Psalm 6

Psalm 6 [1.] Yahweh, don’t rebuke me in your anger,
    neither discipline me in your wrath.
Have mercy on me, Yahweh, for I am faint.
    Yahweh, heal me, for my bones are troubled.
My soul is also in great anguish.
    But you, Yahweh—how long?
Return, Yahweh. Deliver my soul,
    and save me for your loving kindness’ sake.

Psalm 6 [5.] For in death there is no memory of you.
    In Sheol,[a] who shall give you thanks?
I am weary with my groaning.
    Every night I flood my bed.
    I drench my couch with my tears.
My eye wastes away because of grief.
    It grows old because of all my adversaries.
Depart from me, all you workers of iniquity,
    for Yahweh has heard the voice of my weeping.
Yahweh has heard my supplication.
    Yahweh accepts my prayer.
May all my enemies be ashamed and dismayed.
    They shall turn back, they shall be disgraced suddenly.


a. Psalm 6:5 Sheol is the place of the dead.

A meditation by David, which he sang to Yahweh, concerning the words of Cush, the Benjamite.

Psalm 7

Psalm 7 [1.] Yahweh, my God, I take refuge in you.
    Save me from all those who pursue me, and deliver me,
lest they tear apart my soul like a lion,
    ripping it in pieces, while there is no one to deliver.
Yahweh, my God, if I have done this,
    if there is iniquity in my hands,
if I have rewarded evil to him who was at peace with me
    (yes, if I have delivered him who without cause was my adversary),
    let the enemy pursue my soul, and overtake it;
yes, let him tread my life down to the earth,
    and lay my glory in the dust.
Arise, Yahweh, in your anger.
    Lift up yourself against the rage of my adversaries.
Awake for me. You have commanded judgment.
    Let the congregation of the peoples surround you.
    Rule over them on high.
Yahweh administers judgment to the peoples.
    Judge me, Yahweh, according to my righteousness,
    and to my integrity that is in me.
Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end,
    but establish the righteous;
    their minds and hearts are searched by the righteous God.

Psalm 7 [10.] My shield is with God,
    who saves the upright in heart.
God is a righteous judge,
    yes, a God who has indignation every day.
If a man doesn’t relent, he will sharpen his sword;
    he has bent and strung his bow.
He has also prepared for himself the instruments of death.
    He makes ready his flaming arrows.
Behold,[a] he travails with iniquity.
    Yes, he has conceived mischief,
    and brought out falsehood.
He has dug a hole,
    and has fallen into the pit which he made.
The trouble he causes shall return to his own head.
    His violence shall come down on the crown of his own head.
I will give thanks to Yahweh according to his righteousness,
    and will sing praise to the name of Yahweh Most High.


a. Psalm 7:14 “Behold”, from “הִנֵּה”, means look at, take notice, observe, see, or gaze at. It is often used as an interjection.

For the Chief Musician; on an instrument of Gath. A Psalm by David.

Psalm 8

Psalm 8 [1.] Yahweh, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth,
    who has set your glory above the heavens!
From the lips of babes and infants you have established strength,
    because of your adversaries, that you might silence the enemy and the avenger.
When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers,
    the moon and the stars, which you have ordained;
what is man, that you think of him?
    What is the son of man, that you care for him?

Psalm 8 [5.] For you have made him a little lower than God,[a]
    and crowned him with glory and honor.
You make him ruler over the works of your hands.
    You have put all things under his feet:
All sheep and cattle,
    yes, and the animals of the field,
    The birds of the sky, the fish of the sea,
    and whatever passes through the paths of the seas.
Yahweh, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth!


a. Psalm 8:5 Hebrew: Elohim. The word Elohim, used here, usually means “God”, but can also mean “gods”, “princes”, or “angels”. The Septuagint reads “angels” here.

For the Chief Musician. Set to “The Death of the Son.” A Psalm by David.

Psalm 9

Psalm 9 [1.] I will give thanks to Yahweh with my whole heart.
    I will tell of all your marvelous works.
I will be glad and rejoice in you.
    I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.
When my enemies turn back,
    they stumble and perish in your presence.
For you have maintained my just cause.
    You sit on the throne judging righteously.
You have rebuked the nations.
    You have destroyed the wicked.
    You have blotted out their name forever and ever.
The enemy is overtaken by endless ruin.
    The very memory of the cities which you have overthrown has perished.
But Yahweh reigns forever.
    He has prepared his throne for judgment.
He will judge the world in righteousness.
    He will administer judgment to the peoples in uprightness.
Yahweh will also be a high tower for the oppressed;
    a high tower in times of trouble.

Psalm 9 [10.] Those who know your name will put their trust in you,
    for you, Yahweh, have not forsaken those who seek you.
Sing praises to Yahweh, who dwells in Zion,
    and declare among the people what he has done.
For he who avenges blood remembers them.
    He doesn’t forget the cry of the afflicted.
Have mercy on me, Yahweh.
    See my affliction by those who hate me,
and lift me up from the gates of death;
    that I may show all of your praise.
    In the gates of the daughter of Zion, I will rejoice in your salvation.
The nations have sunk down in the pit that they made.
    In the net which they hid, their own foot is taken.
Yahweh has made himself known.
    He has executed judgment.
    The wicked is snared by the work of his own hands.
Meditation. Selah.
The wicked shall be turned back to Sheol,[a]
    even all the nations that forget God.
For the needy shall not always be forgotten,
    nor the hope of the poor perish forever.
Arise, Yahweh! Don’t let man prevail.
    Let the nations be judged in your sight.

Psalm 9 [20.] Put them in fear, Yahweh.
    Let the nations know that they are only men.


a. Psalm 9:17 Sheol is the place of the dead.

Psalm 10

Psalm 10 [1.] Why do you stand far off, Yahweh?
    Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?
In arrogance, the wicked hunt down the weak.
    They are caught in the schemes that they devise.
For the wicked boasts of his heart’s cravings.
    He blesses the greedy, and condemns Yahweh.
The wicked, in the pride of his face,
    has no room in his thoughts for God.
His ways are prosperous at all times.
    He is haughty, and your laws are far from his sight.
As for all his adversaries, he sneers at them.
    He says in his heart, “I shall not be shaken.
    For generations I shall have no trouble.”
His mouth is full of cursing, deceit, and oppression.
    Under his tongue is mischief and iniquity.
He lies in wait near the villages.
    From ambushes, he murders the innocent.
His eyes are secretly set against the helpless.
He lurks in secret as a lion in his ambush.
    He lies in wait to catch the helpless.
    He catches the helpless, when he draws him in his net.

Psalm 10 [10.] The helpless are crushed.
    They collapse.
    They fall under his strength.
He says in his heart, “God has forgotten.
    He hides his face.
    He will never see it.”
Arise, Yahweh!
    God, lift up your hand!
    Don’t forget the helpless.
Why does the wicked person condemn God,
    and say in his heart, “God won’t call me into account?”
But you do see trouble and grief.
    You consider it to take it into your hand.
    You help the victim and the fatherless.
Break the arm of the wicked.
    As for the evil man, seek out his wickedness until you find none.
Yahweh is King forever and ever!
    The nations will perish out of his land.
Yahweh, you have heard the desire of the humble.
    You will prepare their heart.
    You will cause your ear to hear,
    to judge the fatherless and the oppressed,
    that man who is of the earth may terrify no more.

For the Chief Musician. By David.

Psalm 11

Psalm 11  [1.] In Yahweh, I take refuge.
    How can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain!”
For, behold, the wicked bend their bows.
    They set their arrows on the strings,
    that they may shoot in darkness at the upright in heart.
If the foundations are destroyed,
    what can the righteous do?
Yahweh is in his holy temple.
    Yahweh is on his throne in heaven.
His eyes observe.
    His eyes examine the children of men.

Psalm 11  [5.] Yahweh examines the righteous,
    but the wicked and him who loves violence his soul hates.
On the wicked he will rain blazing coals;
    fire, sulfur, and scorching wind shall be the portion of their cup.
For Yahweh is righteous.
    He loves righteousness.
    The upright shall see his face.

For the Chief Musician; upon an eight-stringed lyre. A Psalm of David.

Psalm 12

Psalm 12 [1.] Help, Yahweh; for the godly man ceases.
    For the faithful fail from among the children of men.
Everyone lies to his neighbor.
    They speak with flattering lips, and with a double heart.
May Yahweh cut off all flattering lips,
    and the tongue that boasts,
who have said, “With our tongue we will prevail.
    Our lips are our own.
    Who is lord over us?”

Psalm 12 [5.] “Because of the oppression of the weak and because of the groaning of the needy,
    I will now arise,” says Yahweh;
“I will set him in safety from those who malign him.”
Yahweh’s words are flawless words,
    as silver refined in a clay furnace, purified seven times.
You will keep them, Yahweh.
    You will preserve them from this generation forever.
The wicked walk on every side,
    when what is vile is exalted among the sons of men.

For the Chief Musician. A Psalm by David.

Psalm 13

Psalm 13 [1.] How long, Yahweh?
    Will you forget me forever?
    How long will you hide your face from me?
How long shall I take counsel in my soul,
    having sorrow in my heart every day?
    How long shall my enemy triumph over me?
Behold, and answer me, Yahweh, my God.
    Give light to my eyes, lest I sleep in death;
    Lest my enemy say, “I have prevailed against him”;
    Lest my adversaries rejoice when I fall.

Psalm 13 [5.] But I trust in your loving kindness.
    My heart rejoices in your salvation.
I will sing to Yahweh,
    because he has been good to me.

For the Chief Musician. By David.

Psalm 14

Psalm 14 [1.] The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”
    They are corrupt.
    They have done abominable deeds.
    There is no one who does good.
Yahweh looked down from heaven on the children of men,
    to see if there were any who understood,
    who sought after God.
They have all gone aside.
    They have together become corrupt.
    There is no one who does good, no, not one.
Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge,
    who eat up my people as they eat bread,
    and don’t call on Yahweh?

Psalm 14 [5.] There they were in great fear,
    for God is in the generation of the righteous.
You frustrate the plan of the poor,
    because Yahweh is his refuge.

A Psalm by David.

Psalm 15

Psalm 15 [1.] Yahweh, who shall dwell in your sanctuary?
    Who shall live on your holy hill?
He who walks blamelessly does what is right,
    and speaks truth in his heart;
He who doesn’t slander with his tongue,
    nor does evil to his friend,
    nor casts slurs against his fellow man;
In whose eyes a vile man is despised,
    but who honors those who fear Yahweh;
    he who keeps an oath even when it hurts, and doesn’t change;

Psalm 15 [5.] he who doesn’t lend out his money for usury,
    nor take a bribe against the innocent.
He who does these things shall never be shaken.

A Poem by David.

Psalm 16

Psalm 16 [1.] Preserve me, God, for in you do I take refuge.
My soul, you have said to Yahweh, “You are my Lord.
    Apart from you I have no good thing.”
As for the saints who are in the earth,
    they are the excellent ones in whom is all my delight.
Their sorrows shall be multiplied who give gifts to another god.
    Their drink offerings of blood I will not offer,
    nor take their names on my lips.
Yahweh assigned my portion and my cup.
    You made my lot secure.
The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places.
    Yes, I have a good inheritance.
I will bless Yahweh, who has given me counsel.
    Yes, my heart instructs me in the night seasons.
I have set Yahweh always before me.
    Because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
Therefore my heart is glad, and my tongue rejoices.
    My body shall also dwell in safety.

Psalm 16 [10.] For you will not leave my soul in Sheol,[a]
    neither will you allow your holy one to see corruption.
You will show me the path of life.
    In your presence is fullness of joy.
In your right hand there are pleasures forever more.


a. Psalm 16:10 Sheol is the place of the dead.

A Prayer by David.

Psalm 17

Psalm 17 [1.] Hear, Yahweh, my righteous plea;
    Give ear to my prayer, that doesn’t go out of deceitful lips.
Let my sentence come out of your presence.
    Let your eyes look on equity.
You have proved my heart.
    You have visited me in the night.
    You have tried me, and found nothing.
    I have resolved that my mouth shall not disobey.
As for the deeds of men, by the word of your lips,
    I have kept myself from the ways of the violent.
My steps have held fast to your paths.
    My feet have not slipped.
I have called on you, for you will answer me, God.
    Turn your ear to me.
    Hear my speech.
Show your marvelous loving kindness,
    you who save those who take refuge by your right hand from their enemies.
Keep me as the apple of your eye.
    Hide me under the shadow of your wings,
from the wicked who oppress me,
    my deadly enemies, who surround me.

Psalm 17 [10.] They close up their callous hearts.
    With their mouth they speak proudly.
They have now surrounded us in our steps.
    They set their eyes to cast us down to the earth.
He is like a lion that is greedy of his prey,
    as it were a young lion lurking in secret places.
Arise, Yahweh, confront him.
    Cast him down.
    Deliver my soul from the wicked by your sword;
    from men by your hand, Yahweh,
from men of the world, whose portion is in this life.
You fill the belly of your cherished ones.
    Your sons have plenty,
    and they store up wealth for their children.
As for me, I shall see your face in righteousness.
    I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with seeing your form.

For the Chief Musician. By David the servant of Yahweh, who spoke to Yahweh the words of this song in the day that Yahweh delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul. He said,

Psalm 18

Psalm 18 [1.] I love you, Yahweh, my strength.
Yahweh is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer;
    my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge;
    my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower.
I call on Yahweh, who is worthy to be praised;
    and I am saved from my enemies.
The cords of death surrounded me.
    The floods of ungodliness made me afraid.
The cords of Sheol[a] were around me.
    The snares of death came on me.
In my distress I called on Yahweh,
    and cried to my God.
He heard my voice out of his temple.
    My cry before him came into his ears.
Then the earth shook and trembled.
    The foundations also of the mountains quaked and were shaken,
    because he was angry.
Smoke went out of his nostrils.
    Consuming fire came out of his mouth.
    Coals were kindled by it.
He bowed the heavens also, and came down.
    Thick darkness was under his feet.

Psalm 18 [10.] He rode on a cherub, and flew.
    Yes, he soared on the wings of the wind.
He made darkness his hiding place, his pavilion around him,
    darkness of waters, thick clouds of the skies.
At the brightness before him his thick clouds passed,
    hailstones and coals of fire.
Yahweh also thundered in the sky.
    The Most High uttered his voice:
    hailstones and coals of fire.
He sent out his arrows, and scattered them;
    Yes, great lightning bolts, and routed them.
Then the channels of waters appeared.
    The foundations of the world were laid bare at your rebuke, Yahweh,
    at the blast of the breath of your nostrils.
He sent from on high.
    He took me.
    He drew me out of many waters.
He delivered me from my strong enemy,
    from those who hated me; for they were too mighty for me.
They came on me in the day of my calamity,
    but Yahweh was my support.
He brought me out also into a large place.
    He delivered me, because he delighted in me.

Psalm 18 [20.] Yahweh has rewarded me according to my righteousness.
    According to the cleanness of my hands has he recompensed me.
For I have kept the ways of Yahweh,
    and have not wickedly departed from my God.
For all his ordinances were before me.
    I didn’t put away his statutes from me.
I was also blameless with him.
    I kept myself from my iniquity.
Therefore Yahweh has rewarded me according to my righteousness,
    according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.
With the merciful you will show yourself merciful.
    With the perfect man, you will show yourself perfect.
With the pure, you will show yourself pure.
    With the crooked you will show yourself shrewd.
For you will save the afflicted people,
    but the haughty eyes you will bring down.
For you will light my lamp, Yahweh.
    My God will light up my darkness.
For by you, I advance through a troop.
    By my God, I leap over a wall.

Psalm 18 [30.] As for God, his way is perfect.
    Yahweh’s word is tried.
    He is a shield to all those who take refuge in him.
For who is God, except Yahweh?
    Who is a rock, besides our God,
    the God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect?
He makes my feet like deer’s feet,
    and sets me on my high places.
He teaches my hands to war,
    so that my arms bend a bow of bronze.
You have also given me the shield of your salvation.
    Your right hand sustains me.
    Your gentleness has made me great.
You have enlarged my steps under me,
    My feet have not slipped.
I will pursue my enemies, and overtake them.
    Neither will I turn again until they are consumed.
I will strike them through, so that they will not be able to rise.
    They shall fall under my feet.
For you have armed me with strength to the battle.
    You have subdued under me those who rose up against me.

Psalm 18 [40.] You have also made my enemies turn their backs to me,
    that I might cut off those who hate me.
They cried, but there was no one to save;
    even to Yahweh, but he didn’t answer them.
Then I beat them small as the dust before the wind.
    I cast them out as the mire of the streets.
You have delivered me from the strivings of the people.
    You have made me the head of the nations.
A people whom I have not known shall serve me.
    As soon as they hear of me they shall obey me.
    The foreigners shall submit themselves to me.
The foreigners shall fade away,
    and shall come trembling out of their close places.
Yahweh lives; and blessed be my rock.
    Exalted be the God of my salvation,
even the God who executes vengeance for me,
    and subdues peoples under me.
He rescues me from my enemies.
    Yes, you lift me up above those who rise up against me.
    You deliver me from the violent man.
Therefore I will give thanks to you, Yahweh, among the nations,
    and will sing praises to your name.

Psalm 18 [50.] He gives great deliverance to his king,
    and shows loving kindness to his anointed,
    to David and to his offspring,[b] forever more. 


a. Psalm 18:5 Sheol is the place of the dead.
b. Psalm 18:50 or, seed.

For the Chief Musician. A Psalm by David.

Psalm 19

Psalm 19 [1.] The heavens declare the glory of God.
    The expanse shows his handiwork.
Day after day they pour out speech,
    and night after night they display knowledge.
There is no speech nor language,
    where their voice is not heard.
Their voice has gone out through all the earth,
    their words to the end of the world.
In them he has set a tent for the sun,
    which is as a bridegroom coming out of his room,
    like a strong man rejoicing to run his course.
His going out is from the end of the heavens,
    his circuit to its ends;
    There is nothing hidden from its heat.
Yahweh’s law is perfect, restoring the soul.
    Yahweh’s testimony is sure, making wise the simple.
Yahweh’s precepts are right, rejoicing the heart.
    Yahweh’s commandment is pure, enlightening the eyes.
The fear of Yahweh is clean, enduring forever.
    Yahweh’s ordinances are true, and righteous altogether.

Psalm 19 [10.] More to be desired are they than gold, yes, than much fine gold;
    sweeter also than honey and the extract of the honeycomb.
Moreover by them is your servant warned.
    In keeping them there is great reward.
Who can discern his errors?
    Forgive me from hidden errors.
Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins.
    Let them not have dominion over me.
Then I will be upright.
    I will be blameless and innocent of great transgression.
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
    be acceptable in your sight,
    Yahweh, my rock, and my redeemer.

For the Chief Musician. A Psalm by David.

Psalm 20

Psalm 20 [1.] May Yahweh answer you in the day of trouble.
    May the name of the God of Jacob set you up on high,
    send you help from the sanctuary,
    grant you support from Zion,
    remember all your offerings,
    and accept your burnt sacrifice.
May He grant you your heart’s desire,
    and fulfill all your counsel.

Psalm 20 [5.] We will triumph in your salvation.
    In the name of our God, we will set up our banners.
    May Yahweh grant all your requests.
Now I know that Yahweh saves his anointed.
    He will answer him from his holy heaven,
    with the saving strength of his right hand.
Some trust in chariots, and some in horses,
    but we trust the name of Yahweh our God.
They are bowed down and fallen,
    but we rise up, and stand upright.
Save, Yahweh!
    Let the King answer us when we call!

For the Chief Musician. A Psalm by David.

Psalm 21

Psalm 21 [1.] The king rejoices in your strength, Yahweh!
    How greatly he rejoices in your salvation!
You have given him his heart’s desire,
    and have not withheld the request of his lips.
For you meet him with the blessings of goodness.
    You set a crown of fine gold on his head.
He asked life of you, you gave it to him,
    even length of days forever and ever.
His glory is great in your salvation.
    You lay honor and majesty on him.
For you make him most blessed forever.
    You make him glad with joy in your presence.
For the king trusts in Yahweh.
    Through the loving kindness of the Most High, he shall not be moved.
Your hand will find out all of your enemies.
    Your right hand will find out those who hate you.
You will make them as a fiery furnace in the time of your anger.
    Yahweh will swallow them up in his wrath.
    The fire shall devour them.

Psalm 21 [10.] You will destroy their descendants from the earth,
    their posterity from among the children of men.
For they intended evil against you.
    They plotted evil against you which cannot succeed.
For you will make them turn their back,
    when you aim drawn bows at their face.
Be exalted, Yahweh, in your strength,
    so we will sing and praise your power.

For the Chief Musician; set to “The Doe of the Morning.” A Psalm by David.

Psalm 22

Psalm 22 [1.] My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
    Why are you so far from helping me, and from the words of my groaning?
My God, I cry in the daytime, but you don’t answer;
    in the night season, and am not silent.
But you are holy,
    you who inhabit the praises of Israel.
Our fathers trusted in you.
    They trusted, and you delivered them.
They cried to you, and were delivered.
    They trusted in you, and were not disappointed.
But I am a worm, and no man;
    a reproach of men, and despised by the people.
All those who see me mock me.
    They insult me with their lips. They shake their heads, saying,
    “He trusts in Yahweh;
    let him deliver him.
    Let him rescue him, since he delights in him.”
But you brought me out of the womb.
    You made me trust at my mother’s breasts.

Psalm 22 [10.] I was thrown on you from my mother’s womb.
    You are my God since my mother bore me.
Don’t be far from me, for trouble is near.
    For there is no one to help.
Many bulls have surrounded me.
    Strong bulls of Bashan have encircled me.
They open their mouths wide against me,
    lions tearing prey and roaring.
I am poured out like water.
    All my bones are out of joint.
My heart is like wax;
    it is melted within me.
My strength is dried up like a potsherd.
    My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth.
You have brought me into the dust of death.
For dogs have surrounded me.
    A company of evildoers have enclosed me.
    They have pierced my hands and feet.[a]
I can count all of my bones.
They look and stare at me.
They divide my garments among them.
    They cast lots for my clothing.
But don’t be far off, Yahweh.
    You are my help: hurry to help me.

Psalm 22 [20.] Deliver my soul from the sword,
    my precious life from the power of the dog.
Save me from the lion’s mouth!
    Yes, from the horns of the wild oxen, you have answered me.
I will declare your name to my brothers.
    Among the assembly, I will praise you.
You who fear Yahweh, praise him!
    All you descendants of Jacob, glorify him!
    Stand in awe of him, all you descendants of Israel!
For he has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted,
    Neither has he hidden his face from him;
    but when he cried to him, he heard.
Of you comes my praise in the great assembly.
    I will pay my vows before those who fear him.
The humble shall eat and be satisfied.
    They shall praise Yahweh who seek after him.
    Let your hearts live forever.
All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to Yahweh.
    All the relatives of the nations shall worship before you.
For the kingdom is Yahweh’s.
    He is the ruler over the nations.
All the rich ones of the earth shall eat and worship.
    All those who go down to the dust shall bow before him,
    even he who can’t keep his soul alive.

Psalm 22 [30.] Posterity shall serve him.
    Future generations shall be told about the Lord.
They shall come and shall declare his righteousness to a people that shall be born,
    for he has done it. 


a. Psalm 22:16 So Dead Sea Scrolls. Masoretic Text reads, “Like a lion, they pin my hands and feet.”

A Psalm by David.

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 [1.] Yahweh is my shepherd:
    I shall lack nothing.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
    He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.
    He guides me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil, for you are with me.
Your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

Psalm 23 [5.] You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil.
    My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and loving kindness shall follow me all the days of my life,
    and I will dwell in Yahweh’s house forever.

A Psalm by David.

Psalm 24

Psalm 24 [1.] The earth is Yahweh’s, with its fullness;
    the world, and those who dwell therein.
For he has founded it on the seas,
    and established it on the floods.
Who may ascend to Yahweh’s hill?
    Who may stand in his holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart;
    who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood,
    and has not sworn deceitfully.
He shall receive a blessing from Yahweh,
    righteousness from the God of his salvation.
This is the generation of those who seek Him,
    who seek your face—even Jacob.
Lift up your heads, you gates!
    Be lifted up, you everlasting doors,
    and the King of glory will come in.
Who is the King of glory?
    Yahweh strong and mighty,
    Yahweh mighty in battle.
Lift up your heads, you gates;
    yes, lift them up, you everlasting doors,
    and the King of glory will come in.

Psalm 24 [10.] Who is this King of glory?
    Yahweh of Armies is the King of glory!

By David.

Psalm 25

Psalm 25 [1.] To you, Yahweh, do I lift up my soul.
My God, I have trusted in you.
    Don’t let me be shamed.
    Don’t let my enemies triumph over me.
Yes, no one who waits for you shall be shamed.
    They shall be shamed who deal treacherously without cause.
Show me your ways, Yahweh.
    Teach me your paths.
Guide me in your truth, and teach me,
    For you are the God of my salvation,
    I wait for you all day long.
Yahweh, remember your tender mercies and your loving kindness,
    for they are from old times.
Don’t remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions.
    Remember me according to your loving kindness,
    for your goodness’ sake, Yahweh.
Good and upright is Yahweh,
    therefore he will instruct sinners in the way.
He will guide the humble in justice.
    He will teach the humble his way.

Psalm 25 [10.] All the paths of Yahweh are loving kindness and truth
    to such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.
For your name’s sake, Yahweh,
    pardon my iniquity, for it is great.
What man is he who fears Yahweh?
    He shall instruct him in the way that he shall choose.
His soul shall dwell at ease.
    His offspring[a] shall inherit the land.
The friendship of Yahweh is with those who fear him.
    He will show them his covenant.
My eyes are ever on Yahweh,
    for he will pluck my feet out of the net.
Turn to me, and have mercy on me,
    for I am desolate and afflicted.
The troubles of my heart are enlarged.
    Oh bring me out of my distresses.
Consider my affliction and my travail.
    Forgive all my sins.
Consider my enemies, for they are many.
    They hate me with cruel hatred.

Psalm 25 [20.] Oh keep my soul, and deliver me.
    Let me not be disappointed, for I take refuge in you.
Let integrity and uprightness preserve me,
    for I wait for you.
Redeem Israel, God,
    out all of his troubles.


a. Psalm 25:13 or, seed.

By David.

Psalm 26

Psalm 26 [1.] Judge me, Yahweh, for I have walked in my integrity.
    I have trusted also in Yahweh without wavering.
Examine me, Yahweh, and prove me.
    Try my heart and my mind.
For your loving kindness is before my eyes.
    I have walked in your truth.
I have not sat with deceitful men,
    neither will I go in with hypocrites.
I hate the assembly of evildoers,
    and will not sit with the wicked.
I will wash my hands in innocence,
    so I will go about your altar, Yahweh;
    that I may make the voice of thanksgiving to be heard,
    and tell of all your wondrous deeds.
Yahweh, I love the habitation of your house,
    the place where your glory dwells.
Don’t gather my soul with sinners,
    nor my life with bloodthirsty men;

Psalm 26 [10.]     in whose hands is wickedness,
    their right hand is full of bribes.
But as for me, I will walk in my integrity.
    Redeem me, and be merciful to me.
My foot stands in an even place.
    In the congregations I will bless Yahweh.

By David.

Psalm 27

Psalm 27 [1.] Yahweh is my light and my salvation.
    Whom shall I fear?
Yahweh is the strength of my life.
    Of whom shall I be afraid?
When evildoers came at me to eat up my flesh,
    even my adversaries and my foes, they stumbled and fell.
Though an army should encamp against me,
    my heart shall not fear.
Though war should rise against me,
    even then I will be confident.
One thing I have asked of Yahweh, that I will seek after,
    that I may dwell in Yahweh’s house all the days of my life,
    to see Yahweh’s beauty,
    and to inquire in his temple.
For in the day of trouble he will keep me secretly in his pavilion.
    In the covert of his tabernacle he will hide me.
    He will lift me up on a rock.
Now my head will be lifted up above my enemies around me.
I will offer sacrifices of joy in his tent.
    I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to Yahweh.
Hear, Yahweh, when I cry with my voice.
    Have mercy also on me, and answer me.
When you said, “Seek my face,”
    my heart said to you, “I will seek your face, Yahweh.”
Don’t hide your face from me.
    Don’t put your servant away in anger.
You have been my help.
    Don’t abandon me,
    neither forsake me, God of my salvation.

Psalm 27 [10.] When my father and my mother forsake me,
    then Yahweh will take me up.
Teach me your way, Yahweh.
    Lead me in a straight path, because of my enemies.
Don’t deliver me over to the desire of my adversaries,
    for false witnesses have risen up against me,
    such as breathe out cruelty.
I am still confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of Yahweh in the land of the living.
Wait for Yahweh.
    Be strong, and let your heart take courage.
Yes, wait for Yahweh.

By David.

Psalm 28

Psalm 28 [1.] To you, Yahweh, I call.
    My rock, don’t be deaf to me;
    lest, if you are silent to me,
    I would become like those who go down into the pit.
Hear the voice of my petitions, when I cry to you,
    when I lift up my hands toward your Most Holy Place.
Don’t draw me away with the wicked,
    with the workers of iniquity who speak peace with their neighbors,
    but mischief is in their hearts.
Give them according to their work, and according to the wickedness of their doings.
    Give them according to the operation of their hands.
    Bring back on them what they deserve.

Psalm 28 [5.] Because they don’t respect the works of Yahweh,
    nor the operation of his hands,
    he will break them down and not build them up.
Blessed be Yahweh,
    because he has heard the voice of my petitions.
Yahweh is my strength and my shield.
    My heart has trusted in him, and I am helped.
Therefore my heart greatly rejoices.
    With my song I will thank him.
Yahweh is their strength.
    He is a stronghold of salvation to his anointed.
Save your people,
    and bless your inheritance.
Be their shepherd also,
    and bear them up forever.

A Psalm by David.

Psalm 29

Psalm 29 [1.] Ascribe to Yahweh, you sons of the mighty,
    ascribe to Yahweh glory and strength.
Ascribe to Yahweh the glory due to his name.
    Worship Yahweh in holy array.
Yahweh’s voice is on the waters.
    The God of glory thunders, even Yahweh on many waters.
Yahweh’s voice is powerful.
    Yahweh’s voice is full of majesty.
Yahweh’s voice breaks the cedars.
    Yes, Yahweh breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon.
He makes them also to skip like a calf;
    Lebanon and Sirion like a young, wild ox.
Yahweh’s voice strikes with flashes of lightning.
    Yahweh’s voice shakes the wilderness.
    Yahweh shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.
Yahweh’s voice makes the deer calve,
    and strips the forests bare.
    In his temple everything says, “Glory!”

Psalm 29 [10.] Yahweh sat enthroned at the Flood.
    Yes, Yahweh sits as King forever.
Yahweh will give strength to his people.
    Yahweh will bless his people with peace.

A Psalm. A Song for the Dedication of the Temple. By David.

Psalm 30

Psalm 30 [1.] I will extol you, Yahweh, for you have raised me up,
    and have not made my foes to rejoice over me.
Yahweh my God, I cried to you,
and you have healed me.
Yahweh, you have brought up my soul from Sheol.[a]
    You have kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit.
Sing praise to Yahweh, you saints of his.
    Give thanks to his holy name.
For his anger is but for a moment.
    His favor is for a lifetime.
Weeping may stay for the night,
    but joy comes in the morning.
As for me, I said in my prosperity,
    “I shall never be moved.”
You, Yahweh, when you favored me, made my mountain stand strong;
    but when you hid your face, I was troubled.
I cried to you, Yahweh.
    To Yahweh I made supplication:
“What profit is there in my destruction, if I go down to the pit?
    Shall the dust praise you?
    Shall it declare your truth?

Psalm 30 [10.] Hear, Yahweh, and have mercy on me.
    Yahweh, be my helper.”
You have turned my mourning into dancing for me.
    You have removed my sackcloth, and clothed me with gladness,
    To the end that my heart may sing praise to you, and not be silent.
Yahweh my God, I will give thanks to you forever!


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