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Matthew 24:35 meaning...

In this verse, Jesus is speaking to His disciples about the end times and the certainty of His words. He assures them that while everything else in the world, including the heavens and the earth, will eventually fade away, His words will endure forever.

  • The Impermanence of Creation: 
Jesus states that "heaven and earth will pass away." This phrase signifies the transient nature of the physical world. Despite its present stability and grandeur, all created things are subject to decay and eventual dissolution. The passing away of heaven and earth represents the temporary nature of the material realm.

  • The Enduring Word of Jesus: 
In contrast to the impermanence of creation, Jesus declares that His words will never pass away. He emphasizes the eternal and unchanging nature of His teachings and promises. His words are enduring, trustworthy, and reliable. They possess a permanence that transcends the temporary nature of the physical world.

The verse highlights the authority and divine nature of Jesus' words. It reinforces the reliability and immutability of His teachings, offering reassurance to His followers throughout generations. It reminds us that the words of Jesus hold eternal significance and provide a solid foundation for our faith and understanding.

The passage has profound implications for believers. It encourages us to prioritize the teachings of Jesus above all else. His words serve as a guide and a source of wisdom in a world that is constantly changing and passing away. They provide us with eternal truths that withstand the test of time.

The verse also underscores the importance of clinging to the unchanging nature of God's Word in the midst of a shifting and uncertain world. It reminds us that the truths revealed by Jesus remain relevant and applicable in every age. They are a source of comfort, guidance, and transformation.

As believers, we are called to treasure and meditate on the words of Jesus, allowing them to shape our thinking, actions, and character. We are to build our lives upon the firm foundation of His teachings, finding security and hope in the unchanging truths that His words offer.

Additionally, the verse prompts us to evaluate the transient nature of worldly pursuits and possessions. While material things will ultimately fade away, the words of Jesus endure. It challenges us to invest our lives in what is eternal rather than what is temporary, focusing on the values of God's kingdom rather than the passing treasures of this world.

Furthermore, the verse speaks to the ultimate authority of Jesus as the Son of God. His words possess divine power and significance. They reveal the character and will of the Father and offer salvation and eternal life to all who believe. As we trust in His words and align our lives with His teachings, we find purpose, security, and the promise of everlasting life.

Application in Our Lives:

Anchor in Uncertain Times: In a world marked by instability and change, we can find assurance and stability in the unchanging words of Jesus. His teachings provide a reliable anchor for our lives.

Guidance and Wisdom: Knowing that Jesus' words endure beyond the temporal challenges we face, we can turn to His teachings for timeless guidance and wisdom in navigating life's complexities.

Foundation for Faith: Our faith is built on the enduring words of Christ. As we encounter various circumstances, we can trust in the reliability of His promises and the truths He has shared.

Sharing the Everlasting Gospel: Recognizing the enduring nature of Jesus' words, we are motivated to share the Gospel with others. The message of salvation and hope found in His teachings is timeless and relevant to all generations.


Isaiah 40:8: "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever." Isaiah's prophecy echoes the sentiment expressed by Jesus, emphasizing the enduring nature of God's word.

Psalm 119:89: "Yahweh, your word is settled in heaven forever." The psalmist recognizes the eternal stability of God's word, emphasizing its unchanging nature.

In summary, Matthew 24:35 declares the enduring nature of Jesus' words in contrast to the passing away of heaven and earth. It affirms the eternal significance and authority of His teachings, urging us to prioritize His words as a foundation for our faith and life. The verse invites us to embrace the permanence and reliability of God's Word in a world of impermanence, finding comfort, guidance, and transformation in the unchanging truths revealed by Jesus Christ.

See also: vs 29-30, & 45-47

Matthew 24:35. “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”


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