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Matthew 22:30 meaning...

In this verse, Jesus is responding to a question posed by the Sadducees regarding the resurrection and the concept of marriage. His answer provides insight into the nature of relationships in the resurrection and the eternal state.

  • Marriage in the Resurrection: 
Jesus declares that in the resurrection, people neither marry nor are given in marriage. This statement implies that the institution of marriage as we know it on earth will no longer exist in the heavenly realm. This is not to diminish the value and significance of marriage in this present life but to indicate that in the eternal state, relationships will be different.

  • Resembling God's Angels: 
Jesus explains that in the resurrection, people will be like God's angels in heaven. Angels are spiritual beings who do not experience the same earthly relationships and limitations as humans. They are not bound by the same earthly desires and responsibilities, including marriage.

The passage signifies a change in the nature of human relationships in the resurrection and provides insight into the spiritual dimension of existence in heaven.

The absence of marriage in the resurrection does not imply a loss or a lack of meaningful relationships. Rather, it suggests that relationships will be transformed and elevated to a higher spiritual level. In the eternal state, our primary relationship will be with God, and our union with Him will be the source of our ultimate fulfillment and joy.

This teaching also highlights the eternal nature of our existence. While marriage is a sacred institution on earth, it is temporary, limited to this earthly life. In the resurrection, our focus will be on the eternal and the spiritual, where we will experience a level of intimacy and unity with God and fellow believers that surpasses any earthly relationship.

Additionally, the passage reminds us that our ultimate purpose is not found in human relationships alone but in our relationship with God. In the resurrection, we will fully realize and embrace our identity as children of God, united with Him in a way that transcends the bounds of marriage.

This does not diminish the significance of earthly relationships or invalidate the love and companionship experienced in marriage. Rather, it encourages us to view our relationships in light of eternity, recognizing that they are temporal and meant to point us toward the ultimate union we will have with God.

In summary, Matthew 22:30 teaches us about the nature of relationships in the resurrection. It affirms that marriage, as we know it on earth, will not exist in the eternal state. However, it does not imply a loss or lack of meaningful relationships but rather a transformation and elevation of human relationships to a spiritual level. Our primary focus in the resurrection will be on our union with God and the unity we share with Him and other believers. It calls us to view our relationships in light of eternity, recognizing that our ultimate fulfillment and joy come from our relationship with God.

Matthew 22:30. “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are like God’s angels in heaven.”


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