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Matthew 10:29-31 meaning...

In Matthew 10, Jesus is sending out His twelve disciples to proclaim the message of the kingdom of heaven. He warns them about the challenges and opposition they will face, even from close relatives. In the midst of these instructions, Jesus comforts them by emphasizing God's care and sovereignty.

  • Key Points:

Sparrows and God's Providence: Jesus draws attention to sparrows, which were among the smallest and least valuable birds in the culture. He states that not one of them falls to the ground apart from God's will, highlighting God's providential care even for the seemingly insignificant creatures.

Numbered Hairs: Jesus goes a step further, illustrating God's intimate knowledge and care. He says that even the hairs on one's head are all numbered, emphasizing the depth of God's knowledge and His attention to detail.

Value of Believers: In verse 31, Jesus reassures His disciples, emphasizing that they are of more value than many sparrows. He acknowledges the worth and significance of His followers in the eyes of God.

  • Significance:

God's Care: This passage underscores the idea that God cares for every aspect of His creation, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. His providence extends to even the smallest details of life.

Intimacy with God: Jesus' mention of the numbered hairs on one's head emphasizes the intimate knowledge and relationship believers have with God. He knows them intimately and cares for them personally.

Value and Worth: By stating that believers are of more value than sparrows, Jesus emphasizes the inherent worth and significance of every individual in the eyes of God.

  • Application:

Trust in God's Care: Believers can trust in God's care for every aspect of their lives, knowing that He is intimately involved in their well-being.

Freedom from Fear: Understanding God's care and sovereignty can help believers overcome fear and anxiety. Jesus encourages His disciples not to be afraid.

Awareness of Worth: This passage reminds believers of their worth in God's eyes. They are valuable and loved by their heavenly Father.


Psalm 104:27-28: "These all wait for you, that you may give them their food in due season. You give to them; they gather. You open your hand; they are satisfied with good."

Luke 12:6-7: "Aren’t five sparrows sold for two assaria coins? Not one of them is forgotten by God. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Therefore don’t be afraid. You are of more value than many sparrows."

Matthew 10:29-31 conveys a powerful message about God's care and providence. It reminds believers that God's care extends to even the smallest details of their lives, emphasizing His intimate knowledge and deep concern for each individual. By highlighting the worth and value of believers in God's eyes, Jesus encourages trust, freedom from fear, and a profound awareness of their significance in the kingdom of God.

See also: vs 28, & 32-33

Matthew 10:29-31. “Aren’t two sparrows sold for an assarion coin? Not one of them falls on the ground apart from your Father’s will, but the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Therefore don’t be afraid. You are of more value than many sparrows.”


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