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Luke 21:14-15 meaning...

In these verses, Jesus assures His disciples that in the midst of persecution and opposition, He will provide them with both the words and wisdom necessary to respond to their adversaries.

Jesus begins by urging His followers not to premeditate or worry about how they will answer their opponents. This does not mean that we should neglect preparation or study of God's Word, but rather it encourages us to trust in God's guidance and rely on His Spirit to give us the right words at the right time.

He then assures them that He will give them a mouth and wisdom that their adversaries will not be able to withstand or contradict. This promise is a testament to the divine empowerment and supernatural provision that God grants His faithful servants in times of trial.

As believers, we are not exempt from facing opposition or encountering adversaries. We may encounter hostility, ridicule, or even persecution because of our faith. However, Jesus' words remind us that we are not left defenseless. When we trust in Him and rely on His wisdom, He equips us with the ability to respond to our adversaries in a way that confounds and silences them.

The promise of a mouth and wisdom goes beyond mere eloquence or persuasive argumentation. It encompasses the entirety of our communication, including both our words and actions. It is a promise that God's presence and guidance will be with us, enabling us to represent Him faithfully and effectively in the face of opposition.

In moments of persecution or adversity, it is natural to feel anxious or uncertain about how to respond. However, Jesus encourages us to settle it in our hearts beforehand that we will trust in Him and depend on His wisdom. This settled assurance allows us to approach challenging situations with confidence, knowing that God is working through us.

It is important to note that Jesus does not promise an absence of opposition or a life free from difficulties. Instead, He promises His presence and provision in the midst of those challenges. He assures us that even when we face adversaries, we can stand firm, knowing that He will give us the necessary wisdom and words to navigate those situations.

The promise of divine wisdom and empowerment extends beyond the disciples of Jesus during that time. It is a promise that carries through the ages to all believers who face opposition for the sake of the Gospel. Just as Jesus equipped His disciples, He equips us to bear witness to His truth and to respond to our adversaries with grace, truth, and love.

In summary, Luke 21:14-15 conveys Jesus' assurance to His disciples and to all believers that in the face of opposition and persecution, He will provide us with the words and wisdom necessary to respond to our adversaries. We are called to trust in His guidance, settle it in our hearts to rely on Him, and confidently proclaim the truth of the Gospel, knowing that the power of God is at work within us. Let us draw strength from this promise, knowing that we are not alone in our struggles and that God's wisdom will prevail in every situation.

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Luke 21:15. I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to withstand or to contradict.


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