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Hebrews 2:3 meaning...

This is a powerful verse that carries a significant message about the importance of paying attention to the salvation offered through Jesus Christ. It emphasizes the superiority of Jesus Christ and the new covenant He established. It highlights the danger of neglecting the salvation offered through Him and calls us to take heed of this great gift. 

  • The Gravity of Neglect:

The verse begins with a thought-provoking question: "How will we escape?" This question implies that there are severe consequences for neglecting or disregarding the salvation provided through Jesus Christ. It emphasizes the seriousness of neglecting the opportunity to embrace and experience the transformative power of salvation.

  • The Greatness of Salvation:

The verse describes salvation as "so great." It refers to the magnitude and significance of the redemption made available through Jesus Christ. This salvation encompasses forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with God, and the promise of eternal life. It is a comprehensive and remarkable gift that should not be taken lightly.

  • Spoken Through the Lord:

The verse reminds us that this great salvation was initially proclaimed by the Lord Jesus Himself. Jesus, as the incarnate Son of God, declared the message of salvation during His earthly ministry. His teachings and actions pointed to the fulfillment of God's plan for redemption.

  • Confirmed by Witnesses:

The verse further emphasizes that this message of salvation was confirmed by those who heard Jesus. The apostles and other early believers were eyewitnesses to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They attested to the truth of His teachings and testified to the reality of salvation through Him. Their witness adds credibility and authenticity to the message of salvation.

Hebrews 2:3 provides us with important lessons that we can apply to our lives today:

  • Recognizing the Value of Salvation:

We must recognize the immeasurable value of the salvation offered through Jesus Christ. It is not something to be taken lightly or neglected. We should cherish and appreciate the incredible gift of redemption that God has provided for us.

  • Paying Attention:

We are called to pay close attention to the message of salvation. We should actively engage with the teachings of Jesus Christ, studying His Word and seeking to understand His redemptive work. Neglecting or disregarding this salvation is a dangerous path that can lead to spiritual consequences.

  • Trusting the Testimony of Witnesses:

We can have confidence in the message of salvation because it was confirmed by reliable witnesses. The testimonies of the apostles and early believers, as recorded in the New Testament, serve as a solid foundation for our faith. We can trust in their accounts and the historical reliability of the Scriptures.

  • Responding in Faith:

Ultimately, Hebrews 2:3 calls us to respond to the message of salvation with faith and obedience. We are urged not to neglect or take for granted the offer of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Instead, we should embrace His salvation with wholehearted commitment, acknowledging Him as Lord and Savior.

In conclusion, Hebrews 2:3 emphasizes the gravity of neglecting the great salvation offered through Jesus Christ. It compels us to recognize the value of this salvation, pay attention to its message, and respond in faith. Let us heed the warning of this verse and fully embrace the life-transforming gift of God's redemption through Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 2:3. How will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation—which at the first having been spoken through the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard.


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