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Proclaiming the WORD into the World

You can show Bible verses to non-believers 
in their Google searches 

Travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic is dangerous, even impossible.  But the Great Commission to go into all the world still calls out to us.  With your support, TalkToTheWord will add verses from the PIB Concordance into Google Search and Display results.  People all around the world searching for other topics will be shown Scriptures they might never see in their daily life. Anyone can partner to show these.

Also church groups with a strong online presence and a committed team of >5 evangelists who can witness and disciple remotely, then link new converts to a local fellowship, can apply for customised Search Results showing a link to their Contact Us webpage.  These can also be aimed at specific countries. Please forward your URL and request details in the sidebar Contact Form. 

Please add your prayers to spread the Word in the Comments box below.

For $7 US (9.30AUD),  16,900 people were shown God's Word online!

Worldwide Display

These People Might Never Have Read the Bible

For $5.50 US (7.50AUD),  11,800 people were shown God's Word online!