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Proclaiming the WORD into the World

You can show Bible verses to non-believers 
in their Google searches 

TalkToTheWord adds over 1.45 million PIB Scriptures into Google Search and Display each year ($118,000 donated Ads over the last year). Targeted language displays include 113K p.a. in Indonesia and 132K p.a. in the Middle East & North Africa.  With your help we will add more verses into Google results.  People searching the Internet all around the world will be shown Scriptures that they may never see in their daily life: evangelism door-knocking online. You can go into all the world by showing people the Bible.

Church groups can apply for customised Search Results showing a link to their Contact Us webpage targeted to specific countries. Please request with the Contact Form. 

Please use PayPal in the menu bar and add your prayer to the Comments box below.

For $7 US (9.30AUD),  16,900 people were shown God's Word online!

These People Might Never Have Read the Bible

For $5.50 US (7.50AUD),  11,800 people were shown God's Word online!


More about evangelism

plus Targeted Missions to:

Afghanistan - India - Indonesia - Middle East - North Africa - Pakistan


  1. Dear LORD, please use this to touch someone who doesn't know You yet.


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