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TalkToTheWord online

Chat to the Parsed Interactive Bible here
You can interact with the Word using brief sentences about anything in your heart - it is just between you and the Bible - the responses are purely in-context Scriptures. 

To assist you to review the wider context of PIB Scriptures, TalkToTheWord has a complete Bible Chapter Search. Each chapter can be searched by the book abbreviation and chapter but WITHOUT spaces or verse numbers, e.g. 1Sam1, 2Tim1 or Jam5 will return the whole chapter. Spaces or punctuation confound the natural language understanding (NLU) for exact searches. 

This feature is available in host sites that do not have word limits: Cisco Webex, FB Messenger, Microsoft Web Chat, Skype and Telegram (Google Assistant only for machine reading). TalkToTheWord is not designed as an exact verse search - there are many websites for exact word and verse matches.

TalkToTheWord can be used online with 11 Apps or sites.

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