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Psalm 147:5 meaning...

The verse states a profound truth about the greatness and vastness of God. Let us explore the meaning of this verse and its implications for our lives.

  • Greatness and Power of the Lord: 
The passage begins by acknowledging the greatness of our Lord. It highlights His immense power and might. This declaration reminds us that God is not limited or constrained by anything. He is sovereign and has the ability to accomplish His purposes with unmatched strength. It emphasizes the awe-inspiring nature of our God.

  • Infinite Understanding: 
The verse goes on to declare that God's understanding is infinite. It speaks to the boundless wisdom and knowledge of our Lord. His understanding surpasses human comprehension. It signifies that God knows all things, sees all things, and comprehends all things. His wisdom is beyond measure, and His understanding is without limit.

The theological significance of Psalm 147:5 lies in its affirmation of God's greatness, power, and infinite understanding. It reminds us of the transcendence of our God, who is far above and beyond our finite understanding. It calls us to humble ourselves before His greatness and to trust in His wisdom and knowledge.

Practically, this verse encourages us to have a proper perspective of God. It prompts us to acknowledge His greatness and power in our lives. It challenges us to surrender our limited understanding and to trust in His infinite wisdom. When we face challenges, uncertainties, or difficulties, we can find comfort in knowing that our God is all-knowing and all-powerful. We can approach Him with confidence, seeking His guidance and relying on His understanding.

Furthermore, Psalm 147:5 invites us to worship and praise God for His greatness and wisdom. It calls us to marvel at His infinite understanding and to respond with awe and reverence. As we recognize His attributes, we are compelled to offer our adoration and thanksgiving. It encourages us to cultivate a heart of worship and to honor God for who He is.

In conclusion, Psalm 147:5 proclaims the greatness and power of our Lord, emphasizing His infinite understanding. It invites us to acknowledge and worship the One who is far beyond our comprehension. May we approach our God with awe and reverence, trusting in His wisdom and surrendering our limited understanding to His infinite understanding. Let us declare with confidence that great is our Lord, and mighty in power.

Psalm 147:5. Great is our Lord, and mighty in power. His understanding is infinite.


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