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Psalm 119:50 & meaning...


is my comfort in my affliction, for your word has revived me.

Psalm 119:50


Psalm 119 [49.] Remember your word to your servant,

    because you gave me hope.

This is my comfort in my affliction,

    for your word has revived me.

The arrogant mock me excessively,

    but I don’t swerve from your law.

I remember your ordinances of old, Yahweh,

    and have comforted myself.


  • Affliction and Comfort:

This is my comfort in my affliction: The psalmist begins by acknowledging the reality of affliction. Life is not immune to challenges, trials, and tribulations. In the midst of these afflictions, the psalmist finds solace and comfort.

For your word has revived me: The source of comfort is revealed—the Word of God. In the face of affliction, the psalmist turns to the living and transformative power found within God's Word. It is not merely a written text but a source of revival and renewal.

  • The Reviving Power of God's Word:

For your word has revived me: The psalmist testifies to the dynamic and life-giving nature of God's Word. In times of distress, the Word becomes a wellspring of renewal, breathing life into wearied souls.

Revived me: The term "revived" conveys the idea of being brought back to life, rejuvenated, and restored. God's Word has the power to breathe vitality into the spiritual and emotional aspects of the psalmist's being.

  • Comfort Amidst Affliction:

This is my comfort: The repetition emphasizes the significance of God's Word as a consistent and reliable source of comfort. In the face of affliction, the psalmist finds unwavering solace in the promises and truths encapsulated in Scripture.

For your word has revived me: The cause of comfort is directly linked to the reviving power of God's Word. It is not a superficial or temporary comfort but a profound and transformative experience.

  • Significance:

God's Word as Comfort: Psalm 119:50 highlights the unique role of God's Word as a source of comfort. In times of distress and affliction, the psalmist doesn't seek solace in worldly assurances but turns to the enduring and reliable promises found in Scripture.

Revival through Scripture: The verse underscores the concept of spiritual revival. Affliction may lead to weariness and spiritual fatigue, but the revitalizing power of God's Word has the capacity to bring about renewal and restoration.

Relevance for Today:

A Source of Comfort: In the complexities of contemporary life, believers can find resonance in the psalmist's words. God's Word remains a timeless source of comfort, offering hope and assurance amid the challenges of the world.

Renewal in God's Word: Just as the psalmist sought revival through God's Word, modern believers can experience a deep sense of renewal by immersing themselves in Scripture. The Bible serves as a guide, bringing clarity and rejuvenation to weary hearts.


Psalm 119:107: "I am afflicted very much. Revive me, Yahweh, according to your word." This verse echoes a similar sentiment of seeking revival from affliction through God's Word.

Psalm 119:25: "My soul is laid low in the dust. Revive me according to your word!" Another plea for revival from the depths of despair, emphasizing the transformative nature of God's Word.

In Our Spiritual Journey: Psalm 119:50 invites us to consider the role of God's Word in our lives. It prompts reflection on whether we turn to Scripture as a wellspring of comfort and whether we truly believe in its power to revive and sustain us in times of affliction.


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