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Psalm 107:40-41 meaning...

Psalm 107 is a song of thanksgiving that celebrates the goodness and faithfulness of God. It recounts various instances of God's intervention and deliverance on behalf of His people. Psalm 107:40-41 is part of this song and contrasts God's dealings with the proud and powerful (princes) and His compassion for the needy.

  • Key Points:

Contempt for Princes: Verse 40 describes how God pours contempt on princes. This suggests that God humbles the proud and powerful, causing them to wander aimlessly, possibly as a consequence of their arrogance and rebellion.

Lifting the Needy: In contrast, verse 41 portrays God's care for the needy. He lifts them out of their affliction and distress. This imagery conveys the idea of God's intervention and rescue on behalf of those who are in desperate circumstances.

Blessing the Needy: The verse goes further to emphasize that God not only rescues the needy but also blesses them abundantly. He increases their families, likening it to the growth of a flock. This suggests that God provides for and prospers those who turn to Him in their times of need.

  • Significance:

God's Humbling of the Proud: The passage illustrates God's ability to humble those who are proud and self-reliant. It serves as a reminder that God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.

Compassion for the Needy: The verse highlights God's compassion for the needy and afflicted. It portrays Him as a rescuer and provider for those who are in distress.

Abundant Blessing: The imagery of increasing families like a flock conveys the idea of God's abundant blessing and provision. It underscores God's desire to not only rescue but also prosper those in need.

  • Application:

Humility: Believers are encouraged to approach God with humility, recognizing their dependence on Him rather than relying on their own strength or pride.

Compassion for the Needy: The passage prompts individuals to show compassion and care for the needy in their midst, reflecting God's character.

Trust in God's Provision: It encourages trust in God's provision and blessings, believing that He can turn dire circumstances into opportunities for growth and abundance.


James 4:6: "But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, 'God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.'" This New Testament verse aligns with the idea that God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.

Psalm 34:18: "Yahweh is near to those who have a broken heart and saves those who have a crushed spirit." This verse emphasizes God's closeness and salvation for the afflicted and brokenhearted.

Psalm 107:40-41 contrasts God's response to the proud and the needy. It highlights God's ability to humble the proud while showing compassion, rescue, and abundant blessing to the needy. This passage reminds believers of the importance of humility and compassion, as well as trust in God's provision and care.

Psalm 107:40-41. He pours contempt on princes, and causes them to wander in a trackless waste. Yet he lifts the needy out of their affliction, and increases their families like a flock.


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