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Matthew 28:18-20 meaning...

The Great Commission is one of the most significant passages in the New Testament, as it outlines the mission of the Church. It is a call for all believers to take part in the spread of the gospel, not just the apostles or a select group of individuals. The commission highlights the importance of making disciples, which involves not only sharing the message of the gospel but also teaching new converts how to live as followers of Jesus.

The commission also emphasizes the role of baptism in the process of making disciples. Baptism is seen as a public declaration of one's faith in Jesus and serves as a symbol of the individual's identification with Christ. It is a way for new converts to publicly demonstrate their commitment to following Jesus and to join the body of believers.

Another important aspect of the Great Commission is the emphasis on teaching new disciples to obey everything that Jesus commanded. This includes not only the teachings found in the Gospels but also the commands and principles found throughout the New Testament. The goal is to help new converts grow in their faith and to equip them to live as faithful followers of Jesus.

This is a call for all Christians to take part in the mission of making disciples and spreading the gospel throughout the world. It emphasizes the importance of baptism, teaching, and obedience, and reminds us that Jesus is always with us as we carry out his mission.

Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus came to them and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you.