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John 14:12 meaning...

As believers, the words of Jesus in this verse provide us with a powerful insight into the transformative potential of our faith. Jesus begins by emphasizing the certainty of his message, letting us know that what he is about to share is a truth we can firmly rely upon. He speaks directly to us acknowledging our shared faith in him as the foundation of the greater works he speaks of.

When Jesus speaks of "the works that I do," he's referring to the remarkable miracles and acts of compassion he performed during his time on Earth. What's astonishing is that he includes us in this equation: "we will do also." This implies a partnership, an invitation for us to step into a role where we continue his work, not as mere imitators, but as empowered participants in his divine mission.

However, the most striking part of the verse is when Jesus speaks of "greater works." It might be natural for us to wonder how we, as believers, could possibly accomplish greater feats than the miraculous healings and extraordinary events that Jesus performed. Yet, he affirms it with unwavering confidence. The key lies in the latter part of the verse: "because I am going to my Father." Jesus' departure from this world would bring about a new phase, marked by the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The phrase "greater works" takes on a multifaceted meaning for us. It speaks to the expansion of the Gospel message, the global spread of Jesus' teachings that we, as believers, would carry forward. This mission would reach far beyond the geographical scope Jesus covered during his earthly ministry. As we embrace this mission, we witness the profound impact we can have on countless lives around the world.

Moreover, "greater works" also signifies the transformational power of our faith. While Jesus performed miracles that captured people's attention, our "greater works" encompass the inner miracles that happen when hearts and lives are changed through our embodiment of Christ's love, grace, and teachings. We have the capacity to touch lives on a deeper level, bringing healing, hope, and redemption through our acts of compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.

As believers, this verse reminds us that we are not merely spectators in the story of Jesus; we are active participants. Jesus calls us to carry on his legacy with courage and conviction. It's an invitation to embrace a life of purpose, to be instruments of change and vessels of God's love in a world that longs for healing and renewal. By acknowledging our shared belief in Jesus, we embrace our capacity to make a meaningful difference, realizing the "greater works" that he promised.

John 14:12. “Most certainly I tell you, he who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do also; and he will do greater works than these, because I am going to my Father.”


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