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Isaiah 60:20 meaning...

This passage is part of a longer prophetic message in which the prophet Isaiah speaks of a time of great restoration and blessing for the people of Israel. The passage is a poetic description of the coming of a new age of prosperity and peace in which the people of Israel will be free from oppression and sorrow.

In verse 20, the prophet uses the imagery of the sun and moon to convey the idea of unceasing light and permanence. The statement that "your sun will never set again" suggests a time of perpetual brightness and prosperity, in contrast to the darkness and despair that the people of Israel may have experienced in the past. The phrase "your days of sorrow will end" offers a message of hope and comfort, promising that the people's suffering will come to an end.

Here are a few additional points to consider:

  • The phrase "your sun will never set again" is a metaphor for the unending nature of the blessings that the people of Israel will receive. This image suggests a time of constant light, in which there will be no more darkness or sorrow.
  • The statement that "your moon will wane no more" is another way of emphasizing the idea of permanence and stability. The moon is a symbol of change and flux, so the promise that it will "wane no more" suggests that the future of Israel will be unchanging and secure.
  • The phrase "the LORD will be your everlasting light" speaks to the centrality of God in the lives of the people of Israel. In this new age of blessing and prosperity, God will be the source of light and hope, shining on the people and guiding them forward.
  • The promise that "your days of sorrow will end" is a message of comfort and hope, particularly for those who may have experienced great suffering and hardship in the past. This promise speaks to the human longing for an end to pain and suffering, and the belief that God has the power to bring about healing and restoration.

Overall, Isaiah 60:20 is a message of hope and encouragement, offering a vision of a future in which the people of Israel will experience unending blessing and joy. The passage speaks to the power of faith and the belief that God can bring about transformation and renewal, even in the darkest of circumstances.

Isaiah 60:20. Your sun will not go down any more, nor will your moon withdraw itself; for Yahweh will be your everlasting light, and the days of your mourning will end.