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Acts 9:20-21 meaning...

This passage describes the conversion of Saul, also known as Paul, who was previously a devout Jew and a fierce opponent of the early Christian movement. After his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus, Saul was transformed and immediately began preaching about Jesus as the Son of God.

The reaction of those who heard him is one of surprise and disbelief, as they were aware of Saul's previous reputation as a violent oppressor of Christians. Despite their initial skepticism, Saul's teachings about Jesus soon gained a following and he went on to become one of the most influential figures in the early Christian church.

It is a powerful testament to the transformative power of faith in Jesus. It shows how even someone with a reputation as a violent oppressor can be transformed and become a powerful witness for the gospel. It also highlights the importance of the message of salvation through faith in Jesus, which has the power to transform the lives of individuals and communities.

Acts 9:20-21. Immediately in the synagogues he proclaimed the Christ, that he is the Son of God. All who heard him were amazed, and said, “Isn’t this he who in Jerusalem made havoc of those who called on this name?”